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Join us every 3rd Saturday of each month for Rosh Day- an event filled with bonuses, events, free items, and more! When midnight arrives, the fun begins, and lasts throughout the entire day!

[GM]Friange will be hosting a variety of events for players to enjoy! Prepare yourself for action packed monster slaying and PvP events, or get social and friendly with a casual event. Anything can happen, including special surprises, so be sure to check the schedule for GM events you won't want to miss!

March 22, 2014
Time Event Name
00:00 FREE Item Giveaway Check-in Begins!
00:00 500% EXP, 500% Drops, 500% Money
08:00 Forum Event – Wishlist! - 5 Hours
09:00 500% EXP, 500% Drops, 500% Money
12:00 Monster Slayer with [GM]Friange!
13:00 Facebook - Comment to Win! - 3 Hours
13:00 500% EXP, 500% Drops, 500% Money
15:00 Hide & Seek with [GM]Friange!
16:00 500% EXP, 500% Drops, 500% Money!
22:00 FREE Item Giveaway Check-in Ends!
22:00 500% EXP, 500% Drops, 500% Money

Earn in-game rewards for participating in events! Some rewards are limited to the winning players, but others may be for the whole group! Be sure to join in on all events for a chance to win them all!

[FREE Item Giveaway]
Aside from bonuses and events, we're giving out FREE items to all players that participate in Rosh Day! You'll receive useful items, including Cash Shop items, just for being logged in!

*Items will be delivered to the character's account storage on Sunday.
*Please leave empty spaces in your account storage to receive the item.
*Please note that you will need to be logged in during each specified times and durations in order to be eligible for the free items.

[Rosh Weekend Sale]
Take advantage of great deals on your favorite Cash Shop items on Rosh Day!
The Rosh Weekend Sale begins on Friday at 12:00am Pacific Time and ends on Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific Time ! !
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