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Facebook 'Like' Event! [completed][1/07/13 00:00 ~ 1/11/13 00:00]

Who wants free items?! For one week you’ll have the chance to win Weapon Shielding x10 everyday! Visit www.facebook.com/RoshIgnited to find the picture of the day from January 7, 2013 to January 11, 2013! Simply "like” and comment on the photo we post, and you're eligible to win! Five winners will be chosen each day, for a total of 25 chances to win Weapon Shielding x10!

Don’t have a Facebook?
Facebook is free for all to join, and you can get the latest updates on all information regarding Rosh online, chat with the community, and win free items! So create a Facebook profile today for free if you haven’t joined already!
How to participate:
1. Login to Facebook and visit our page 01/07 to 01/11. ("Like” our page if you haven’t already!)
2. "Like” the picture posted for the event.
3. Comment on the picture with your in-game character name.
4. Be chosen as a winner and enjoy your 10 Weapon Shielding!

*Spamming will not be tolerated.
**You must "Like” and comment on the same photo to be eligible to win.
***Winners will be announced the following day.
****Items will be delivered after winners are announced.
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