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OUTLAWS! [completed][8/01/12 00:00 ~ 8/31/12 00:00]

A weary traveler trots down a canyon trail, loaded with the spoils of his adventure. His loyal mount kicks up dry dust, mixing with the warmth of the air and catching in his throat. The sun is setting in Lupinel, and as it falls behind the cliff edge, a shadow covers the road. 

Our hero freezes. His body paralyzed in time, a deep, overwhelming terror begins to tremble just beneath his skin. His eyes dart from side to side, and from just off the path a silhouette approaches. Two silhouettes. Then four. Dread seeps deep into his stomach as close in and surround him, as a finely dressed profiteer leans in close to his ear and begins to whisper foreboding, threatening promises… 

No! A fury ignites inside him, raging like a wildfire, straining and breaking the magical bonds that have him confined. They won’t take him without a fight.” 

Pleasant summer peace has come to an end, and the roads of Asmara are no longer safe. Bands of Outlaws have taken to the countryside, eager to reap the hard-earned rewards of noble adventurers. This is not friendly competition; this is blood, death, loss. 

GMs are keepers of the peace and justice! But rather than dispel these rebels, they’re offering plentiful rewards to bounty hunters, mercenaries, and sell-swords that can cut them down in the hills. 

How to participate: 
1. Log in to Rosh anytime during the month of August and go about questing or roaming the lands of Asmara.
2. Keep an eye out for Bandits, Criminals, Fugitives, Brigands, Vagabonds, or Renegades
3. If you see them (or more likely, if they find you), be ready. 
4. Kill the Outlaws, and GMs will send you your reward. 
          a. 5 EOVs and 5000 Gold for every Outlaw head.
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- OUTLAWS! [completed] 8/01/12~8/31/12 1772
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