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The Asmaran Races! [completed][8/01/12 12:00 ~ 8/27/12 23:00]


Ready, set, GO!
Every Friday of this month, races will be announced in-game by GMs! You and your fellow Roshers will run as quickly as you can to the finish line, where a GM awaits you with a prize! Be quick, and smart, there might be multiple routes, mazes, or even enemies in your travels! The first player to reach the GM wins!

1. No speed potions allowed!
2. No mounts allowed!
3. The GMs will announce the starting and finishing line and you will have a limited amount of time to arrive. If you arrive too late, you will not be eligible to participate.
4. The races can happen ANYWHERE at ANYTIME throughout Asmara!
5. The winner of the race will be determined by a GM.

*If you win and we find out you used speed potions or a mount, we will revoke your prize and you will not be allowed to participate in future race events, with possible further punishment.
*If you attempt to run before the GM gives the final count, you will be disqualified from the race.

We want this to be fun and fair to all!

How to participate:
1. Wait for an announcement in-game declaring the starting line.
2. You will have 10 minutes to arrive at the starting line.
3. The finish line and coordinates of the GM will be given.
4. Ready, set, GO!

Good luck!


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