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Leaderboards [completed][8/03/12 11:00 ~ 12/31/12 23:59]

Welcome to the Leaderboards System!

The Leaderboards system is an innovative new way for players to show off their Achievements! If you can prove that you’re the best in the world for a specific category, you’ll find a fancy new title snapped on to your character name. Wear it like a badge of honor! Everywhere you go, you’ll proudly flaunt a mark of your dedication.

How does it work?
At the end of each achievement period, the weekly results for the listed categories will be calculated, and the top character will be listed on the Leaderboards. GMs will make the appropriate arrangements, and you can expect your new title to show up at some point during that day! It requires a little bit of manual configuration, so please be patient. All achievements have an expiration date: if you can’t keep the top spot after you’ve earned your title, someone else could very likely steal it away from you!

When does the period end?
Most achievements will be either weekly or monthly, but you’ll have to keep revisiting the site to know when new winners are released and the expiration date has changed! The expiration date will vary per achievement, but all results will be calculated ending at 12:00am PDT of the date listed. The current time in PDT is listed on the top-right corner of the site, in case you were wondering.

Can I win multiple titles?
Unfortunately, no. We can’t make character names too long for game programming reasons, so we have to limit you to one title.

So if I win two or more titles…?
The categories listed are designed to reward players who specifically dedicate their time to winning that title, so it’s unlikely that you will win multiple titles. However, if you do happen to win two or more titles, GMs will award you either the most prestigious of the titles you won, or the title for which you won the most. For example, if you acquired the most EOVs in a week, winning by 3 EOVs, but you also claimed the most Arena victories for the whole month, we’ll give you the Arena title [MVP].

Do my achievements stack?
Nope. At the end of each period the numbers will reset. So even if you weren’t trying to win the most EOVs last week, you’ve got just as good of a chance as anyone else to win this week!

Are there special titles?
Yes! Every so often, players can earn titles for special unannounced accomplishments. These are usually wacky and less "skill-based”, and won’t appear the following week.

What if I don’t want the title?
Don’t be ridiculous, of course you want the title! Titles are awesome! But in the rare case that you would like to get rid of your title for the week, just find a GM in-game or submit a ticket. We won’t change your title, but we will delete it for you.
- Leaderboards [completed] 8/03/12~12/31/12 2446

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