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The Big Catch Fest! [completed][8/08/12 17:00 ~ 8/22/12 18:00]

In its quiet solitude, fishing can be a time you spend pondering the meaning of life and everything in between. Well, fishing in the land of Asmara is a chance for you to tap into the secrets of wise men ... and also gain some valuable items with the boost of a higher fishing rate!

Go fishing in Asmara with a Premium Fishing Rod (99 iCash) purchasable at the Cash Shop and you might catch something more prized than fish – a Box of Soul Stone. Whats inside the Box of Soul Stone is unknown, but rumor says it contains something of immense value. So get your line and reel ready and fish one up to find out!
Go Fish Event Dates:
August 8 - August 22
Here’s how to participate:
1. Buy a Premium Fishing Rod from the Cash Shop.
2. Take your new fishing rod to one of the designated fishing areas.
3. Fish and wait to see what you catch - you are guaranteed to catch something, whether it is a fish or Box of Soul Stone.
4. Open a caught Box of Soul Stone and discover what item youve received.

Premium Fishing Rod: Can Catch 1 of the 26 items  

Box of Soul Stone  

Lucky Cube Key  

Platinum Guardian Angel  

EXP UP Potion (30 minutes)  

Potion of Rejuvenation  

Small Potion of HP Extension (1 hour)  

Protection Capsule  

Mortuary Tablet  

Return Scroll to Berneo  

Weapon Enchant Scroll  

Return Scroll to Lupinel  

Armor Enchant Scroll  

Return Scroll to Peltrok  

Small Fish Bone  

Return Scroll to Tempteroon  


Fish Fin  


Fish Scale  


Gold Toad  

Goldfish Bone  




Water Crystal  

Good luck in the Big Catch Fest!
- The Big Catch Fest! [completed] 8/08/12~8/22/12 1828

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