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Ignited Games Forum Official Review [completed][2/04/13 00:00 ~ 2/08/13 23:59]

Ignited Games management is dedicating a week to user feedback, and taking a closer look at exactly what users want out of Rosh and how we can work toward providing it.

Community + Management + Event = Better Rosh
This is your chance to talk to Rosh producers! The online gaming business world can be hectic at times, but several management teams have agreed to take some time out of their busy schedules to sit down and listen to the needs of the community – not from GMs - but directly from you!

Add your feedback under the Official Review Sub-Forum and play your part in shaping the future of Rosh!

Why should I?
Well, you’ll get a prize! The judging criteria for determining rewards is… complicated. Basically the more you post or the better you post, the more/better prizes you can receive.

You can receive the following prizes based on if the combination of all your contributions is considered small, medium, or big. This does not mean quantity of posts – it also means quality.
Prizes will be awarded on the following subjective criteria:

Does it make sense?
Can we read it and understand it? Is there a point to your rambling? If you’re making a suggestion, is it realistic?

Do you have support?
Do other users support your position? Are you supporting someone else’s position? Basically, is this just your opinion or is it shared by others? Remember, this is a community event. Feel free to disagree but be constructive.

Why are you saying what you’re saying? Why is a feature flawed? Why would that be a good idea? Why don’t you tell us why?

So how do I win?
Participate on the Official Forum Review Sub-Forum before February 8th, and you’ll be eligible. Everybody wins when Rosh has a community event. GMs will judge the content of your posts and determine your weekly prize allotment (if you qualify). If you receive any of the listed items as an Ignited Games thank you, you may also find a note with an explanation.

If enough users participate during this week-long event, Ignited Games will increase the weekend bonus from February 9th to February 10th.

Review of all posts will be conducted during the week following the event, and prizing will be distributed the following week before Valentine’s Day.

So have fun, share your ideas, be brutally honest, be considerate of others, and let’s work together to bring Rosh to its full potential!

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