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Refer a Friend 2013 [completed][2/08/13 00:00 ~ 3/31/13 23:59]

With open world PvP, an in-game market that redistributes premium items, and massive siege war zones, Rosh caters to a large audience. Make our community even bigger and even better by inviting your friends!

How to Participate:
1. Log in to the Rosh Online website
2. Click here to "Refer a Friend”
a. You may refer up to 5 friends.
b.Facebook emails only! Where’s that?
3. As your new friend levels up, you’ll both earn prizes which push you higher, faster!
a. All prizes are non-tradeable.

I think my friends deserve a little something for their effort...

Every friend you refer that likes our Facebook page and reaches levels 20, 30, and 40 will be awarded bonus goodies! Help your friend level up in the beginning and the care packages we send will push them the rest of the way!

You’ll be a max level, guild slaughtering gang before you know it!

Well I DEFINITELY deserve something for my effort!

The more friends you successfully refer who reach at least level 35 and like our Facebook page, the more prizes we’ll pile into your lap! You could win a variety of cash shop random boxes, Gacha Coins, a Sample Wings of Chaos, or a special package loaded with over 2500 iCash worth of best sellers!

So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to show your friends the wonders of Rosh!

* Have a problem referring your friend via Facebook email? Click Here for a resolution.
* Only Facebook email addresses ending in @facebook.com are eligible for prizing.
* All referred players must also "Like” the Rosh Online: The Return of KAROS Facebook page to qualify.
* New accounts will not receive multiple prizing for creating multiple characters. 
* Reffering accounts will receive untradeable items on their highest level character

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