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Shuranak Drop Surge! [completed][4/13/13 00:00 ~ 4/14/13 23:59]

The all new Shuranak Ship is packed with more strong mobs than you can handle... by yourself anyways! So party up and get down to business because we're bumping up the drop rate this weekend and giving you a chance to score some fabulous new loot!

Yarrr, how much loot are ye talkin?
Lots of loot, a pirate's booty, if you will! If you want to find those special new accessories, you'll want to be slaying mobs while were offering 400% drops!

:o When do I log in?
The Shuranak Drop Surge runs 4.13 at 12:00am - 4.14 at 11:59pm. Times are PST.

So log in this weekend and find what great new things are buried in Shuranak!
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