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Rosh Fashion Week! [completed][4/14/13 00:00 ~ 4/19/13 23:59]

Okay, so maybe playing dress up isnt your most favorite thing in the world, but what if we offer to give you prizes? GLORIOUS BEAUTIFUL PRIZES!

Fine, I'll wear the stupid dress...
With all the decapitations and curb stomping, Rosh Warriors don't get a lot of opportunities to wear fancy clothes. After all, blood leaves a nasty stain! And with limited armor customization options, will you choose PK power or sexy style?

Usually that depends on if you're going into battle or setting up a user shop with your Holy Knight.

Well not this week!

Strut your stuff on the catwalk!
Facebook is the perfect platform for sharing pictures with all your friends. Even your friend [GM]FancyPants!

If you haven't friended him yet, friend him now! [GM]FancyPants is going to be judging all contestants for this highly subjective contest! Hope he's got a good sense of style...

How it works:
You've got between 4.14 and 4.19 to post a picture (or a whole album) of your special sexy character to Facebook!

 - Post a picture (or a whole album) of your character to your own wall.
    - Your character should not be wearing their normal armor - so switch it up! It's a fashion contest!
    - It's also kind of a photo shoot - so having a couple pictures is not a bad idea.
    - Photoshop is allowed, but it must also be an in-game SS (no online concept art!)
 - Make sure you include your IGN for the judge to see!
 - Tag 3 of your friends and [GM]FancyPants
    - Make sure you tag some good friends, cause Fancy might just try to ask their opinion of your "style".

That's it!

All participants will receive 1 Protection Capsule and 5 Armor Shielding! The Grand Prize Winner will also receive another Protection Capsule and 25 Weapon Shielding!

Winners will be announced on Facebook the week following the competition. Remember, submission dates are 4.14 - 4.19.

Good luck everyone!
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