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Easter Eggstravaganza! [completed][4/03/12 17:00 ~ 5/17/12 23:59]

As Spring goes into full swing, the Easter Bunny has made his way to Asmara to deliver some delicious goodies for the upcoming holiday. Before his arrival in Berneo however, he was ambushed by a posse of monsters that wish to keep the Easter Eggs for themselves. They have fled back into the wilderness and it is now up to find the Easter Eggs and return them to their rightful owner!
How to participate!
1. Visit Event NPC (Bergal Gate) outside of Berneo Castle!
2. Accept the repeatable Easter Day quest!
3. Collect 5 Easter Eggs by defeating any monsters in the game!
4. Turn in the eggs to receive Easter Gift Box after completing the quest!
5. The Easter Gift Box will give a random reward!
6. This ingame event ends on 5/9!

Easter Gift Box - Random Items

Medium Potion of Rejuvenation

Major HP Potion

Medium Potion of HP (24 hrs)

Major MP Potion

EXP UP Potion (1 day)

Armor Enchant Scroll

EXP UP Potion (30 mins)

Weapon Enchant Scroll

Moreover, we’re having daily events to help all players with bonus EXP, drop, and money rate! And don’t forget to pick up the extra benefit items (listed below) from the Premium Shop to help you receive more EXP and better drop rates during the specific hours!
Benefit Items:
1. Platinum EXP UP Potion (1 hr)
2. Ring of Experience (30 days)
3. Lucky Earrings (30 days)

Daily Events









130% Drop

9am - 10am & 4pm - 5pm PDT

All Weekend!

130% EXP

10am - 11am & 5pm - 6pm PDT

All Weekend!

130% Money

11am - 12pm & 6pm - 7pm PDT

All Weekend!

Happy Easter!
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