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Transition FAQ[Apr 11 2012 2:21PM]
General Questions
1. Who is Ignited Games?
Ignited Games is a leading publisher of online games world-wide and we are proud to be hosting Karos Global players on our Rosh Online: The Return of Karos servers.
2. Why do I need to agree to the transfer?
Karos Global users will now be serviced by Ignited Games on Rosh Online. In order to transfer your account and game data to Ignited Games, we need your agreement. Without the agreement, you will not be able to log onto your account nor receive the special welcome benefits for transferring.
3. When will I be able to transition my account?
The date for the scheduled account transitions is on April 13th, 2012 PDT.
Account Questions
1. Will I need to create an Ignited Games account ID in order to log into Rosh Online?
Yes, players who want to transition their Karos account information will be required to visit the transition page to verify their account. The link will provide you with a guide on how to transition your account information properly.
2. What if I created an Ignited Games account with the same information as my Karos account?
If you already have the same account and character name in Rosh Online as in Karos, a special prefix will be inserted to your account ID and character name to avoid confusion.
3. What if I have accounts on Ijji and Karos Game?
You will be able to transition your Ijji and Karos Game accounts, but each separately. This means if you had 2 characters on an Ijji account and 2 more characters on a Karos account, you will have to make 2 separate Ignited Games accounts to transfer your characters.
4. Can I still play Rosh Online without transitioning my Karos account?
You may choose to play Rosh Online without transitioning your Karos account but you will miss out on the special welcome benefits. After May 11 at 6pm PDT you will no longer be able to transition your Karos account and will lose any benefits.
5. Will all my characters, stats, weapons and armor transfer over from Karos to Rosh Online?
Because of database structure issues, you will not have an exact copy of your Karos character(s) transferred to Rosh Online. PK Counts, Fletta Attributes, Guilds, Guild Information, remaining skill points and MV Status will all be cleared.
6. What will my account contain once I transition it?
All transferred accounts will get a preformatted character of its initial class (Rogue, Blader, Paladin, Gunner, Bowmistress, Mystic, and Sorceress). You will be the one to choose its job advancement. We will be providing proper compensation and benefits to veteran Karos players to help with the transition.
7. Why won't my account transition work?
If you try to transfer your account and it fails, check the amount of characters you have. You can have a maximum number of 4 characters per account. If you have more, the transition will fail. We suggest either removing one (or more) of your Rosh Online characters or creating a new Ignited Games account and transferring your characters to it.
8. Do I have to change my name?
It's recommended that you should use the given "Character Name Change" item to change your name Name@Karos to another character name. You will lose benefit if your name is not changed since the names might be too long and will not be able to receive items through mailbox. Thus, Ignited Games will not compensate the losses.
Karos Points / Cash Shop Questions
1. What is iCash?
iCash is the virtual currency used throughout all games serviced by Ignited Games Inc. iCash can be spent on in-game services such as the Cash Shop in Rosh Online to buy items, costumes, and more.
2. Will my Karos Points be transferred to iCash automatically?
No, players will be given the option to transfer their Karos Points to iCash manually during the account transition process.
Please note: All existing Karos Points will be directly transferred into bonus iCash. This bonus iCash will expire after 30 days so be sure to use it.
3. Will my Cash Shop items and enchantments be transitioned over?
Pets, Cash Shop item buffs, and enchantments will not be transferred. Only permanent costumes will be transitioned into Rosh Online.
4. Is there a fee to complete the Karos Points transfer?
No, it is absolutely free of charge.
Game Questions
1. What is different about Karos and Rosh Online?
Rosh Online is an updated version of Karos. It features new lands to explore, new monsters to slay, and new treasures to uncover. It is also supported by Ignited Games’ experienced Game Operations team, which will provide plenty of exciting and memorable events as well as exceptional customer support.
2. Will I have to download a new client?
Yes, you will have to download the Rosh Online client. You can find it here.
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