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Gacha Machine![Dec 17 2012 3:42PM]

Introducing the all new Gacha Machine, available now to play in Rosh Online! The Gacha Machine is full of Cash Shop rewards for you to win at any time of the day! Simply load up on coins, select the machine you want to play, and hit start! You can watch in anticipation as a roulette of items appear before your eyes! Once the machine stops, you will receive your reward!

Gacha Items are listed on the right side of the machine!

How to use the Gacha Machine:
Step 1: Purchase a Coin from the Cash Shop with a low price of 50 iCash.
Step 2: Right click on the coin in your inventory with the mouse.
Step 3: Select any four of the Gacha Machines by clicking on them.
Step 4: Click start, and enjoy your prize!

Get a Purple Phoenix mount or Black Phoenix mount today!
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