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Rosh Day! A Fun-fill Extravaganza![Jan 15 2013 11:02AM]

Join us this Saturday, January 19, 2012 for our monthly Rosh Day event! The fun begins at midnight goes for 24 strong hours!

Enjoy big bonuses, GM Events, FREE item giveaways, and more!

[GM]Friange and [GM]Smoke will be hosting a variety of events for all players to enjoy!

This Saturday you can participate in several GM events throughout the day, as well as forum, PK, and bonus events!

GM Madness!
[GM]Smoke is rabid and foaming at the mouth! The only antidote is a swift and painless execution! He's enraged with extreme power and will attack on sight! Defeat the GM and you'll receive a free enchantment on your boots or gloves...up to +10!

Scavenger Hunt!
This is your classic scavenger hunt! Listen for cues and be the first to bring [GM]Friange or [GM]Smoke the desired items, and you'll win yourself a nifty something!

Boss Assault!
[GM]Friange is a powerful summoner, and she'll be conjuring up one of any number of enormous slaughtering super-fiends. Bring down the summoned boss monster the opportunity to claim bonus boss drop loot!

Find the Pet Maze!
You'll see an in-game announcement from [GM]Friange, begging you to help her find her loving, long lost pet! Where did she see her last, where were they separated, and for goodness sake WHERE IS SHE?!  Whoever can find [GM]Friange's pet will win an Elite's Premium Set as a personal token of gratitude.

Earn in-game rewards for participating in events, including the biggest EXP, Drops, and Money bonus ever! We'll host bonus events at different times throughout the day, up to and including 500%! Make sure you check the schedule so you know when to capitalize!

We’re giving out FREE premium items just for logging in, and just for participating on the forum!

Log in!
As long as you're in-game for 2 hours between 12:00am and 10:00pm PDT, you'll earn yourself 5 FREE Rosh Guide's Vitality Potions, to be delivered automatically to your account storage the following day.

Post on the Forum!
Check the schedule for Forum event times! You'll win a Gacha coin for every post you make during this period (maximum 3 coins). Coins will be sent to the highest character on the account which posted on the forum.

Take advantage of spectacular deals on your favorite Cash Shop items Friday through Sunday!

Don’t miss out on this fun-filled event! Click below to view the full schedule!

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